Izakaya Chuji

is one of Australia’s oldest izakaya-style restaurants. Established in 1989, it represents true izakaya-style dining. Izakayas are an institution in Japan and represent the perfect blend of restaurant and bar, where eating and drinking play equal roles in the dining experience.

The convention is to order many small dishes to share with your friends, washed down with an icy cold beer or some top quality sake. The atmosphere is lively and boisterous, from the call of irrashaimase! (welcome!) by the staff to the tinkle of the latest Japanese pop tunes.

Located in the CBD, our venue features izakaya-style sushi bar counters. We select the best and freshest possible fish every day to ensure you will not be disappointed. Sit at our sushi bar and watch exquisite sushi be prepared by our experienced Japanese sushi chef preparing Japanese cut style sushi and sashimi.

For a more chilled-out dinner date, why not an evening of sake and Izakaya dishes at our sister bar Nihonshu? Situated just next door, Nihonshu matches a wide array of sake with a cosy, intimate atmosphere.