Breakfast club molly ringwald outfit

Breakfast club molly ringwald outfit

How do you dress like Claire in The Breakfast Club?

Snag Claire’s pretty style by pairing a simple pink sweater into a brown suede mini skirt. Add to the look a pair of brown heeled ankle boots that will make the look have extra fall vibes.

What does Molly Ringwald bring for lunch in The Breakfast Club?


What did Molly Ringwald do to get detention in The Breakfast Club?

Claire Standish is in detention for skipping school to go shopping. Her rich dad didn’t care, but her poor, drunk mom got mad at her. Andrew Clark is in detention for taping Larry’s butt together, which his father made him do . Claire ( Molly Ringwald , “the princess”) cut classes to hang out with her friends.

What is the point of the Breakfast Club?

The Breakfast Club , which premiered in Los Angeles on Feb. 7, 1985, may be the finest movie about American high school life ever made. Regarded as one of the seminal films of the ’80s, John Hughes’ movie is a compendium of the anxieties, confusion and joys of teenage existence.

What school was The Breakfast Club?

Glenbrook High School

What did John Bender do to Claire under the table?

Claire , along with the rest of the group covered for Bender when he stole the screw, asking Vernon why anybody would want to steal a screw and also when Vernon stormed in asking what the ruckus was, while John Bender hid under Claire’s desk and wedged his head between Claire’s legs.

How old is Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club?

16 years old

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Did Claire and Bender do it?

Even aside from the fact that Bender very explicitly harasses and antagonizes Claire for the entire movie, making the scene where they finally make out seem mildly toxic at best, neither of their character arcs seem to build toward a relationship in any way. I don’t Claire ever interacted with Bender again.

Where is the breakfast club recorded?


Why did Brian try to kill himself in The Breakfast Club?

Brian is dropped off, will spend almost 9 hours in detention at Shermer High School with four other ‘stereotypes’. The reason is he in detention is because he used the flare gun that was fired in his locker and tried to kill himself because he received his first “F” on a school shop class project.

Why did Claire give John her earring?

John said that “you got everything and I got shit”; by giving him her earring she negates that accusation.

Why the Breakfast Club is so iconic?

Poignant, funny and thoroughly relatable, the screenplay presents a touching tale of teen angst which doesn’t seek to patronise or trivialise the teenager’s experiences and still resonates, even if you’ve long left your school days behind. There are great lines dotted throughout the movie: ‘We’re all pretty bizarre. Breakfast

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