British slang for breakfast

British slang for breakfast

What do they call breakfast in England?

Sometimes also called a ‘fry-up’, the full English breakfast consists of fried eggs, sausages, back bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread and often a slice of white or black pudding (similar to bloodwurst). It is accompanied by tea or coffee and hot, buttered toast.

What is the slang word for breakfast?

Macquarie and Oxford Dictionary list “brekky” and “brekkie” as the officially recognised forms. Q: So no “breaky”? A: Nope. After all, “ breakfast ” is the only word that makes that particular sound on a combination of “-eak”.

What is brekky mean?


What do Brits call sandwiches?

A sandwich can be called a butty or sarnie. A roll can have lots of names, but are usually a type of roll.

What do British call groceries?

American British
fish store fishmonger’s
fruit and vegetable store greengrocer’s
grocery store grocer’s
hardware store ironmonger’s

What is a good breakfast quote?

Breakfast Quotes Expect problems and eat them for breakfast . All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast . Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There’s nothing like starting the day with a healthy , filling breakfast smoothie. Your morning sets up the success of your day. Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

What does lunch mean in slang?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a usually light meal especially : one taken in the middle of the day. 2 : the food prepared for a lunch . out to lunch . slang : out of touch with reality.

What does it mean to eat someone for breakfast?

INFORMAL. If you say that one person will have another person for breakfast or eat them for breakfast , you mean that the first person is much stronger and more aggressive than the second.

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What does brekkie mean in Australian?

Slang term for the meal Breakfast ; Also spelled brekky or breaky. Outback Bazza.

What is the British word for a crazy person?

Barmy: crazy , insane ; always derogatory.

What do the British call a cracker?

In British English, crackers are sometimes called water biscuits, or savoury biscuits.

What do Brits call a biscuit?

As the Oxford Dictionaries blog put it: So you’ve got it, right? A British biscuit is an American cookie and an American cookie is a British cookie and an American biscuit is a British scone and an American scone is something else entirely. Breakfast

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