Drury inn breakfast hours

Drury inn breakfast hours

Are Drury Inns still serving food?

Our Amenities Breakfast and 5:30 Kickback will be served by our hotel team. While some menu items may have changed, you can count on us to still provide a fresh and free hot breakfast and dinnertime snacks and drinks at our 5:30 Kickback.

What is Drury Inn cancellation policy?

When you book direct on our website, you can cancel until 12 pm on the day of your arrival with no penalty unless otherwise stated. Please note, if you booked using eSaver rates , there is a $25 cancellation fee per room reserved.

Is the Drury Inn open?

Drury has continued to serve the communities where the company has hotels by keeping all of its hotels open to provide lodging to traditional guests as well as to first responders and essential frontline workers.

What hotels does Drury own?

About Drury Hotels Company * Brands include Drury Inn & Suites®, Drury Inn ®, Drury Plaza Hotel ®, Drury Suites ®, Pear Tree Inn by Drury®, as well as other hotels in the mid-priced hotel segment.

What does Drury Inn serve for breakfast?

Drury Hotels invites you to a complimentary hot breakfast ! our hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, oatmeal, fresh fruit, make-your-own Belgian waffles, potatoes, sausage, pastries, bagels, coffee and more.

What is the difference between Drury Inn and Drury Plaza?

1. Re: Drury Inn & Suites vs Drury Plaza – Which one? Plaza is a huge converted bank building and Inn and Suites is much smaller and cozier. Drury’s amenities are the same at both.

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How do I cancel my Drury reservation?

You can call 1-800-DRURYINN, and they will be happy to help if you booked through us, or you can log into your account on our website if you booked on our website. We hope this helps!

What does Drury mean?

English (Norman) and French: nickname from Old French druerie ‘love’, ‘friendship’, a derivative of dru ‘lover’, ‘friend’ (see Drew 3). In Middle English the word also had the concrete meanings ‘love affair’, ‘love token’, ‘sweetheart’.

Do Drury Hotels have laundry?

Yes. They have a washer and dryer. over a year ago.

Is Drury Inn owned by Hilton?

As of 2020, the chain operates more than 150 locations in 25 states. It is wholly owned by the Drury family and is headquartered in metropolitan St. Drury Hotels .

Type Private
Revenue $540 million (2016)
Number of employees 5,000 (2017)
Website www.druryhotels.com

How many Drury points do I need for a free room?

– Free nights range from 6,000 points for a Standard or King room at Pear or Thrifty Inns to 14,000 points for a two- room suite at Drury Inn & Suites.

Do all Drury Inns allow dogs?

Frequently Asked Questions. Pets ( dogs and cats) are accepted at all Drury Hotels , if state and local laws permit . State guidelines for service animals apply, but service animals are free of charge at all Drury Hotels and are welcome in any area frequented by their owners.

Where are Drury hotels located?

Our Locations Birmingham Drury Inn & Suites Birmingham Grandview Drury Inn & Suites Birmingham Lakeshore Drive. Huntsville Drury Inn & Suites Huntsville at the Space & Rocket Center. Mobile Drury Inn Mobile. Montgomery Drury Inn & Suites Montgomery.

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What kind of pillows does Drury Inn use?

The Drury Inn properties use our medium density EnviroLoft down alternative pillows as well as our quilted feather pillows . These products are made in USA and available for sale to home customers.

Who owns Hampton Inn and Suites?

Hilton Worldwide Breakfast

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