Shady maple breakfast menu

Shady maple breakfast menu

How long does Shady Maple serve breakfast?


How much does it cost to eat at Shady Maple?

Shady Maple Smorgasbord is located in East Earl, just east of the intersection of routes 23 and 322 in Blue Ball. Prices range from $10.49 for an adult and $5.25 for a child for a weekday breakfast to $23.99 for an adult and $12 for a child for Tuesday’s Seafood Night dinner .

Do you tip at Shady Maple?

Tons of food for a great price, and no tipping ! I visit Shady Maple about 6-8 times a year, and never tire of it. No tipping is allowed, so you really get a great meal for a great price.

Does Shady Maple accept cards?

Credit Card Payment: We accept the following credit cards for payment: Visa , MasterCard, and Discover. Shady – Maple .com does not charge a surcharge for using your credit card to make purchases.

Is Shady Maple the largest buffet?

Discover the experience of dining at Lancaster County’s largest smorgasbord featuring 200 feet of deliciously authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. At Shady Maple some of Lancaster County’s finest cooks prepare all your favorite PA Dutch foods, as well as some exciting new dishes.

Is Shady Maple free on your birthday?

Shady Maple Gift Shop: Along with your free meal on your birthday , you will receive (adult or child) a coupon good for 20% off one single item purchased in the lower level Gift Shop. Shady Maple Farm Market: Along with your free meal on your birthday , visit the Farm Market and redeem your Birthday Coupon.

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Does Shady Maple have cockroaches?

Roaches galore – Shady Maple Smorgasbord.

What is the largest buffet in America?

The Rio

Who is the owner of Shady Maple?

owner Marvin Weaver

How much money does shady maple make a year?

Shady Maple is headquartered in East Earl, Pennsylvania. Shady Maple has a revenue of $17.6M, and 66 employees.

What’s the difference between smorgasbord and Buffet?

The Swedish smörgåsbord is a side meal and the French buffet is a sideboard… Today, buffet means a meal where all the dishes are laid out on a table or series of tables and diners serve themselves. Breakfast

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