Fox theater detroit dinner suite

Fox theater detroit dinner suite

What is a dinner suite at the Fox Theatre?

You can enter 90 minutes before the show and dinner is included with the ticket. It is buffet style and includes coffee, tea and soft drinks. Alcohol is available for extra cost. You will also have a server in your suite during the first half who will wait on you.

Does Fox Theater Detroit serve alcohol?

The following are available upon request: Cordials – priced upon request Specialty Drinks – priced upon request Single Batch Bourbon – priced upon request Single Malt Scotches – priced upon request *The Fox Theatre reserves the right to serve both alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages for purchase at cash bars.

How much is parking at the Fox Theater Detroit?

Parking is available for $8 per vehicle in the Fox Theatre parking structure, which is located behind the Fox Theatre on Montcalm Street between Woodward Avenue and Park Boulevard (see map on back).

Can you buy tickets at Fox Theater Detroit?

During events, the Ticket Office opens two hours prior to showtime. Tickets purchased at the office will be subject to all fees and charges. Doors to the Fox and Will Call open one hour prior to show time. PLEASE NOTE: ALL PATRONS MUST HAVE A TICKET , REGARDLESS OF AGE, TO ENTER THE THEATRE .

Where are the best seats at the Fox Theater?

The Orchestra Level houses some of the best seats in the Fabulous Fox Theatre . The seats in the center sections within the first few rows are particularly in high demand for concert and theater events, since you’ll get the best view of the stage from these seats.

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What can you bring into the Fox Theater?

You may bring in small food items, sealed water bottles, empty plastic refillable water bottles and small personal bags and backpacks.

Where do you park at the Fox Theater?

The Fabulous Fox parking garage, located across Washington from the theatre , is open 24/7 and is available for guest parking for $15 per vehicle. It accommodates more than 600 vehicles and provides convenient and safe parking for patrons of all Grand Center venues.

Can you wear jeans to the Fox Theater?

If you ‘re going for a matinee show, a blazer and jeans would be fine. My personal opinion is it’s the theatre . Most people enjoy dressing up to go to the theatre , but you will see people wearing everything from casual for a concert or movie to Sunday best or formal wear for theatrical performances.

How many seats are in the Fox Theater in Detroit?


Does the Fox Theater have metal detectors?

The Fox Theatre is adding another layer of security with the installation of metal detectors at its entrances. “As an industry, we’ve seen the move to walk-through metal detectors , especially with the NFL, the NHL, the NBA,” Vella said. “The theater and performing arts industry hasn’t moved as quickly.

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