If you could have dinner with anyone

If you could have dinner with anyone

How do you answer if you could have dinner with anyone?

Explain Your “Why” By explaining the reasons as to why you would want to have dinner with a specific person, you give the interviewer more opportunity to know who you are and assess the way that you think. You could also include the conversation topic that you would envision discussing with your chosen dinner guest.

What historical figures would you invite to dinner?

There are 44 men on the list and nine women. Charles Darwin. Albert Einstein. Isaac Newton. Galileo. Socrates. Plato. Aristotle. Leonardo da Vinci.

Who would you have lunch with Dead or Alive?


How do you ask for dinner?

How do I ask someone about having dinner ? You simply invite them. Tell your acquaintance that you would like to get to know him/her better, and you would like them to come to dinner with you, and have an evening out. Plan for a particular time and place.

Which celebrity would you invite to dinner and why?

Which celeb would you most like to invite to a dinner party? Hugh Jackman. Nicole Kidman. Delta Goodrem. Kylie Minogue. Miranda Kerr. Russell Crowe. Hamish Blake. Keith Urban.

What dead person would you like to meet?

Top 10 dead celebrities these people most want to meet : Jesus Christ. Now, who can argue with this pick, no matter what your religion. Princess Diana. Okay, I understand this list was compiled by asking English folks. William Shakespeare. Albert Einstein. Marilyn Monroe. Leonardo da Vinci. Elvis Presley. Roald Dahl.

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Who is the most famous woman ever?

12 Of The Most Famous Women In History Jane Austen (1775 – 1817) Anne Frank (1929 – 1945) Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014) Queen Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603) Catherine the Great (1729 – 1796) Sojourner Truth (1797 – 1883) Rosa Parks (1913 – 2005) Malala Yousafzai (1997 – )

Who is the most interesting person in history?

The 10 most influential people in history , according to Wikipedia Adolf Hitler. Screen grab. Carl Linnaeus. Wikipedia Commons. Abraham Lincoln. Wikimedia. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Winston Churchill. Wikimedia Commons. Queen Victoria. Wikimedia Commons. George Washington. Wikimedia Commons. Napoleon. Wikimedia.

Who are some historical figures?

The 100 Most Significant Figures in History Jesus. Napoleon. Muhammad. William Shakespeare. Abraham Lincoln. George Washington. Adolf Hitler. Aristotle.

What is the best reply for had lunch?

If you’ve had lunch , say ‘yes’. If you haven’t, say ‘no’.

What to say to someone who is going to eat?

If you’re having friends over for lunch or dinner , you can say the following: Let’s dig in (or ‘dig in’) Enjoy your meal (or ‘enjoy’) Hope you enjoy what we’ve made for you. Bon appetit.

How do you ask someone out without being rejected?

If you think the time is right to ask her out , just pop the question and let her take her time to answer it. Don’t be corny and ruin a simple thing like asking her out . Don’t use cheesy lines or gestures for that matter. If they go wrong, there is really no coming back from that.

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