Mass effect 2 dinner with kelly

Mass effect 2 dinner with kelly

How do you serve dinner with Kelly in Mass Effect 2?

You have to flirt with her to the point when you can suggest having dinner with her.

Does having dinner with Kelly count as cheating?

dinner is NOT cheating .

Does romancing Kelly affect other romances?

Kelly is a potential romance option for both male and female Shepard, though romancing her doesn’t affect any relationship Shepard might have, whether it is with their current squad member or love interest in 2183. This happens immediately after the suicide mission is finished and Shepard survives.

How do you get Kelly to feed fish without romance?

To get kelly to feed the fish you don’t have to flirt with her. Just pick the positive comments about her work and attitude. The trust you implicitly, I always pick the middle option if a non romance friendship is wanted.

Who can you sleep with in Mass Effect 2?

The people available for romancing in Mass Effect 2 are as follows, note that there is an achievement for romancing in Mass Effect 2 called Paramour and if you’ve imported a romance this will have already been granted. For male shep: Miranda Lawson. Tali ‘Zorah vas Neema/vas Normandy.

Who can Femshep romance in Mass Effect 2?

In the first games of the series, romance options are limited: both male and female Shepard have two romance options. Male Shepard can romance the human female NPC Ashley Williams . Female Shepard can romance the human male NPC Kaidan Alenko .

Can you save Kelly in me3?

When Shepard and crew are off on a mission, the Collectors invade the Normandy and abduct Kelly along with most of the crew except for Joker. If you don’t perform any missions between the abduction and going to the Collector’s base, she can be saved along with the rest of the crew. If not then she’ll die.

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How do I invite Kelly to my cabin?

You need to do the following. Talk with her. After a mission, talk to her again. Talk with her after any acquisition mission or main plot story moment. If she is attracted enough to you, you will get the option to invite her up to your cabin for a meal. You’ll need to ask her if she is into aliens.

How do you get Kelly Chambers to dance?

Break up with your current love interest, then go do anything off ship. When you come back, Kelly will have sent you an email saying she’s been thinking about you. Go up to the Captain’s Quarters and call her. She’ll turn up in a skintight outfit and do asexy dance for you.

Does liara cheat on Shepard?

Because Liara isn’t property, Shepard fully acknowledges that she had every right to move on (take notes, Kaidan) and that her falling in love with someone else after Shepard’s death plus two years is not considered “cheating.” For Shepard , it hasn’t been two years.

Can Garrus die?

Apparently Garrus can die in the Omega-4 Relay sequence too. It requires Thane to die earlier, meaning Garrus is hit by the beam, and his death before even stepping foot in the Collector Base.

Can you romance Tali If you romance Liara?

You can choose not to romance anyone. That keeps things super-simple. If , however, you ‘d like your Shep to get some play, you can totally romance Liara in 1 and then Tali in 2 and 3. Basically, you won’t be penalized if you start with Liara in 1 and go with Tali in 2 and 3.

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How do I keep the fish alive in Mass Effect 2?

Shepard’s piscine companions must be fed after every mission or assignment to ensure that they remain alive . This can be extended to two assignments or missions back to back, provided there’s no returning to the Normandy in between. Otherwise, the dead fish must be cleaned out and new ones must be purchased.

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