Why does jem invite walter to dinner

Why does jem invite walter to dinner

Who does JEM invite home for dinner and why?

He asks Walter to come home with them for lunch. Scout does not understand why she should not be mad at Walter for causing her to be in trouble with the teacher. It is obvious that Jem is moving toward maturity. He understands the problems of the Cunninghams.

What does JEM invite Walter do?

At lunch, Scout rubs Walter’s nose in the dirt for getting her in trouble, but Jem intervenes and invites Walter to lunch (in the novel, as in certain regions of the country, the midday meal is called “dinner”).

How does JEM treat Walter?

Jem treats Walter like any other person. Which shows that he is mature. While on the other hand Scout treats him like he’s from mars.

What does scout say to Walter at dinner?

Cal tells Scout that Walter is their company and Scout responds by saying , “He ain’t company, Cal, he’s just a Cunningham—” (Lee 33). Cal then explains to Scout that it doesn’t matter if the Finches are “better” than the Cunninghams, Scout needs to stop disgracing Walter and “act fit” to sit at the table .

Why does Miss Caroline scream and point a finger at Burris Ewell?

What lesson does Calpurnia try to teach Scout about Walter? Why does Miss Caroline scream and point a finger at Burris Ewell ? Scout has to mind her teacher and Atticus will continue reading with her each evening, so long she doesn’t say anything. Scout will continue going to school.

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Why does JEM stop Scout from beating up Walter?

Jem stopped her because it was not fair that she was bigger than him. Scout uses violence to relieve stress and to give her pleasure. How does Atticus treat Walter ?

How do the Cunninghams pay their debts?

Kingsley. In the novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” The Cunningham’s pay their debts by giving people things like wood and nuts and potatoes that they have grown themselves as they have no money and live off the land. Cunningham is very poor, and he has to pay by giving goods rather than money to Atticus.

Why does Jem no longer care if Atticus has any special talents?

Jem no longer cares if Atticus has any special talents because learned that he is a master marksman, but he does not talk about it because he is modist and a gentelman.

What were scouts 3 Mistakes?

Scout certainly starts off on the wrong foot her first day of school. First, she demonstrates that she knows how to read. Second, she demonstrates that she knows how to write. Third, she tries to offer an explanation for Walter Cunningham’s behavior when Miss Caroline tries to give him money for lunch.

How does Scout relate to Dill?

Dill and Scout are friends because they are close in age, and Dill asks her to “marry” him. Charles Baker Harris, also known as Dill , is Scout and Jem’s neighbor in the summer when he comes to stay with his Aunt Rachel. Jem just likes the company. Scout says that Dill becomes “something of a trial.”

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Why does Calpurnia scold scout at lunch?

Why does Calpurnia scold Scout during lunch ? Scout questioned Walter Cunningham’s preference for drowning his lunch in molasses/syrup, which embarrassed him. Calpurnia is upset that Scout would make a guest in her home feel embarrassed.

What scares Miss Caroline about Burris Ewell?

Similar to the other members of his family, Burris Ewell is also an ignorant, immoral, dirty individual. In Chapter 3, Burris scares Miss Caroline when a “cootie” falls out of his hair in the middle of class. Miss Caroline is startled and frightened when the tiny bug crawls onto the floor.

Why did Walter pour syrup all over his food?

Walter Cunningham pours syrup all over his vegetables and meat because he doesn’t know any better, he doesn’t know where his next meal will come from, and he rarely ever gets sweets. This represents the difference in social class between the Cunningham and Finch families.

What does Walter put all over his food that disturbs Scout?

They all began eating, and Walter requested syrup. Calpurnia brought some out in a pitcher, and Walter proceeded to cover his food with the brown liquid. Scout stared in shock.

Is Burris Ewell black?

Burris only appears in one scene, but we can see clearly that, unfortunately, the son of Bob Ewell is a chip off the ol’ block. He was the filthiest human I had ever seen. His neck was dark gray, the backs of his hands were rusty, and his fingernails were black deep into the quick.

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