Bar louie lunch specials

Bar louie lunch specials

What time is happy hour at Bar Louie?

Happy Hour at Bar Louie typically takes place from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday.

How much is a burger at Bar Louie?

Bar Louie Menu Prices

Portabella $11.00
Fried Louie $10.50
Hamburger $9.00
Hamburger (with cheese) $10.00

What appetizers are half off at Bar Louie?

Bar Louie’s weekday Happy Hour”is back at most locations with 1/2 off select appetizers and flatbreads. Typical times for Happy Hour are 4-7 pm weekdays. Examples of Bar Bites on the Happy Hour half -price menu are Flash-Fried Calamari, Bavarian Pretzel Twists, Wings, Hummus, Crispy Potstickers and Flatbreads.

Do you have to be 21 to eat at Bar Louie?

2 answers. After 10 PM They card everyone whether you are ordering a drink or make sure they are 21 and older. You can have food without alcohol but may be carded if you order a beer or cocktail. You can almost always get in at Bar Louie’s when the real gem, Cooper Hawk, next door, may be jammed with a long wait

What happened to Bar Louie?

New York (CNN Business) Bar Louie , a restaurant chain known for its cocktails and burgers, has filed for bankruptcy and closed dozens of locations. The company announced Monday that it filed for Chapter 11. It came to an agreement with its lenders to purchase the chain through a bankruptcy sale.

Does Bar Louie do anything for birthdays?

Sign up for their loyalty club, The MOB, and you will get an email for a FREE Birthday or Appetizer.

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What company owns Bar Louie?

Sun Capital Partners

Is Bar Louie open on Christmas?

Find your 2020 relative relief with us at The Original Gastrobar where we’re open on Christmas day starting at 4pm*! It’s a relief our fun is not served in moderation. *Operating hours and dine in vary by location. See your local Bar Louie for details.

Does Bar Louie have vegan options?

No, Bar Louie does not offer vegan -friendly options .

How many Bar Louie locations are there?


Does Bar Louie take Apple pay?

What forms of payment are accepted? Bar Louie accepts Credit Cards and Apple Pay . Lunch

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