Moes daily lunch specials

Moes daily lunch specials

What is the MOE’s Monday special?

Moe Monday is famous for a reason… at every Moe’s restaurant across the country, we celebrate Monday’s with deals starting at $5.99 for a burrito served with chips and salsa on us. For the first-time ever, Moe’s fans will be able to purchase brand merch online.

What is Moe’s Tuesday special?

Awesome quick Southwest style food. On Monday there is Moe’s Monday and you get a burrito and chips for $5.55 , or on Tuesday you get a free kids meal with purchase of a burrito .

Does Moes still have Moe’s Mondays?

Moe Monday $6.49 Combo Moe’s Southwest Grill has a Moe Monday deal to help you start the week in style. You can view the deal by visiting the Moe’s website or the Moe’s app on Mondays . You’ll get a Homewrecker Burrito, chips, salsa and a drink for just $6.49.

What does Moes give you on your birthday?

Rewards you can eat And get a free burrito on your birthday every year. Just please don’t wear your birthday suit when trying to redeem.

How do you get free Moes?

How to Get a Free Moe’s Burrito Download the Moe’s Rockin’ Rewards app on iTunes or Google Play. Click on “Sign Up” to create an account. Click on “Offers” in the bottom right-hand corner of the app, and you’ll see your coupon for a FREE burrito, which you can redeem at the Moe’s nearest you.

How do I get free queso?

To get the free queso , you’ll need to be a Moe Rewards member. (It’s free to sign up if you aren’t a member already.) However, you have to be a member before National Queso Day. (Or you could be an early riser and emotionally dedicated to cheese dips.)

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Does Moes give free chip refills?

Chips are always free at Moe’s . However, a lot of people do not realize that you can request more chips after you have finished your first basket, free of charge. You can even ask for a larger cup and take your favorite salsa home with you or ask to take home an extra bag of chips .

How do I get my free queso at Moe’s?

Earn reward points with every purchase at Moe’s Southwest Grill. Find the closest location, earn rewards, and access menus on your Smartphone with the Rockin’ Rewards app. Moe’s Southwest Grill Rockin’ Reward Program: Receive a FREE Cup of Queso when you sign-up.

Do you get free Moes on your birthday?

Sign up for Moe’s Southwest Grill FREE club, Moe’s Rockin’ Rewards. You ‘ll get a FREE cup of queso for signing up plus a FREE birthday burrito every year on your birthday .. There’s a Moe’s Rockin’ Rewards App too!

What’s the difference between Joey Bag of Donuts and Homewrecker?

What is the difference between homewrecker and Joey Bag of Donuts ? The only difference between the two is the homewrecker comes with guacomole and is about 70 cents more than the Joey . Moes has a pretty cool fan club, they send me offers almost every other week.

Which is better Chipotle or Moe’s?

While Qdoba has better menu quality than Chipotle , Moe’s still takes first place in terms of menu quality. So, as far as food quality goes, Chipotle and Moe’s are tied for first. A burrito or bowl is the most expensive at Qdoba, and a burrito or bowl at Moe’s is cheaper than Qdoba but more expensive than Chipotle .

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Is Moe’s going out of business?

Moe’s Southwest Grill is Closing! The restaurant chain is one of the most popular restaurants in America.

Who gives free stuff on birthdays?

Free meals and drinks Applebee’s. Get a free birthday offer, but make sure to join their mailing list in advance. Baskin Robbins. Sign up for >Club 31 to get a free 2.5 oz scoop of ice cream on your birthday. Boston Pizza. Get a free dessert on your birthday. Chatime. David’s Tea. Denny’s . Harvey’s. IHOP.

Why do they say welcome to Moe’s?

Whenever someone walks into a Moe’s restaurant, employees shout ” Welcome to Moe’s .” It was created as a way to embody the spirit of the brand, a representative said. As of 2012, it was estimated that the phrase is uttered 11,275 times an hour across all restaurants.

Does Moes have a student discount?

No, Moe’s Southwest Grill does not offer student discounts . Lunch

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