94th aero squadron restaurant locations

94th aero squadron restaurant locations

When did 94th Aero Squadron close?


How old is the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant?

Tallichet’s 94th Aero Squadron restaurant first opened at Stapleton Airport in Denver on June 11, 1973. Visitors were drawn into World War I with replica aircraft in front of a French farmhouse, typical of those used by American airmen on the Western Front in 1917-18.

Who owns the 94th Aero Squadron?

Owner David Tallichet

How much is brunch at 94th Aero Squadron?

Adults $24.95 9-10am, $29.95 10am-3pm. Do you need a reservation for Sunday brunch? They are highly recommended. Please feel free to call us directly at 858-560-6771.

What was the significance of hat in the ring during the war?

The ” Hat in the Ring ” insignia represented the 94th Aero Squadron of the United States Army Air Service (USAAS) during World War I. This emblem was from a squadron aircraft that flown by H. Weir Cook, during the conflict. Cook was an ace credited with shooting down three aircraft and four observation balloons.

What is the 94th Aero Squadron?

The 94th Aero Squadron was the United States Army Air Service designation for the current 94th Fighter Squadron that fought on the Western Front during World War I. Its squadron emblem, the “Hat in the Ring” became a symbol in the minds of the American Public of the American Air Service of World War I.

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