Atlantis bahamas restaurant menus prices

Atlantis bahamas restaurant menus prices

How much is breakfast buffet at Atlantis Bahamas?

Mosaic is a buffet restaurant in The Cove at Atlantis . It costs $32.00 per person for an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet . In this buffet , you’ll find the usual variety of eggs, bacon, fruit, omelets, waffles, etc plus a few nice surprises.

How expensive is Atlantis Bahamas?

The Reef, a luxury property with studios, suites and penthouses, starts at $314 per night for a studio. The Cove Atlantis is an exclusive, adults-only section of the resort featuring an ultra-pool. Prices match the amenities, with an ocean suite averaging $386 per night.

Is meal plan worth it at Atlantis Bahamas?

The meal plan is not worth it. You have to buy it for all of the days of your stay. It does not include any lunches. It limits where and when you can eat , heck, it even limits (in some cases) what you can eat .

How much are drinks in Atlantis?

Lunch and On-site Drinks Water at Atlantis was $3.50 when I was there, but the water from the vending machine was $2. If you want to enjoy some adult beverages, again, purchase them from a local store. Adult beverages start at $10 and go up from there depending on what you order.

Does Atlantis have meal plans?

The 2-course Aqua Dining Plan and the 3-course Trident Dining Plan are available to all guests of Atlantis The Beach, The Coral, The Royal, Harborside Resort at Atlantis , The Reef Atlantis and The Cove Atlantis . All guests sharing a room must purchase the same Dining Plan .

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Does Atlantis have all inclusive packages?

Atlantis is not an all – inclusive Resort; we are a full service Resort. As our guest, you have full access to all Atlantis water park features at no additional cost. These plans vary and offer guests options depending upon where they would like to dine and where they are staying within the resort.

Which Atlantis resort is best?

Here we’ve broken the resort’s sections down by amenities and rates, starting with the cheapest to the most expensive. Atlantis – Beach Tower . Atlantis – Coral Towers . Atlantis – Royal Towers. Atlantis – Harborside Resort . The Reef Atlantis . The Cove Atlantis . The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort . The Warwick Paradise Island .

How can I eat cheap at Atlantis?

The poolside restaurants sell kids meals at a cheaper price than regular meals, order kids meals for everyone and save. Or share some regular meals, if the kids are only “kind of” hungry. Atlantis is a cashless resort (kind of ironic when you think about it), everything gets charged to your room.

Which Atlantis resort is best for families?

The Reef is one of the favorites of families . Removed from the bustling side of the resort , it’s quieter and features its own beach and pool, as well as the resort’s only rooms with kitchenettes and dining spaces.

What is the best time to go to Atlantis Bahamas?

Although the beaches are more crowded, the best time to visit the Bahamas is during high season, which runs from mid-December to mid-April, making it a great spot for a warm winter getaway. Bahamian summers are generally warm and sometimes rainy, with daytime temperatures reaching about 89.7°F.

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Does Atlantis Meal Plan include alcohol?

Coffee, tea, milk, fountain sodas & juices, iced tea, lemonade and fruit punch are included for both breakfast and dinner. Alcoholic beverages, sports drinks, bottled water and canned or bottled beverages are not included .

Is food expensive in Bahamas?

While meal prices in the Bahamas can vary, the average cost of food in the Bahamas is BS$42 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in the Bahamas should cost around BS$17 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

How do I save money on food at Atlantis Bahamas?

Get some great tips for saving money at this expensive resort so you don’t waste your life savings on one vacation. Stay On Budget While Visiting Atlantis . Buy Before You Arrive. Go Grocery Shopping. Eat the Kids Meals . Eat at the Buffet. Eat at the Marina Village. Stay At One of The Cheaper Towers.

Can you bring alcohol to Atlantis?

Bring Your Own Alcohol You can bring alcohol from home or purchase some in the Bahamas; there’s a rum shop and an island grocery store in a shopping center near the harbor village.

How much is the dolphin experience at Atlantis?

The price of the Shallow Water Interaction is $130.00 – $150.00 per person throughout the year. Dolphin Cay’s Deep Water Swim Program is an experience of a lifetime! Similar to our Shallow Water Interaction, you will have an up close personal experience with one of our beautiful Atlantis Bottlenose Dolphins.

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