Dallas cowboys stadium club restaurant

Dallas cowboys stadium club restaurant

What are club seats at Cowboys Stadium?

The Dallas Cowboys offer 3 different levels of club level seating . The Hall of Fame Club seats are located in the 100 level along the sideline, and are prefixed with a C before the section number. The main club seats make up the 200 level , and mezzanine club seats make up the 300 level .

What food is available at AT&T Stadium?

Stadium Club Menu Bites. SPICY CHICHARRONES. Spanish Chorizo, Shisito Peppers Salads + Soups. BABY ROMAINE LETTUCE. Torn Croutons, Caesar Vinaigrette Flatbreads. THE BIG D. Mozzarella, Jalapeno, Pepperoni Burgers + Sandwiches. LEGENDARY BURGER. Entrées. CARNE MAXIMUS. Sides. STADIUM CLUB MAC + CHEESE.

What is the Founders Club at Cowboys Stadium?

Fans sitting in the Founders Club seats will have some of the best views of the field from between the 40 yard lines and on the second tier of seating. Premium amenities include wider padded seats, access to the Field Level Club , and all-inclusive food and beverage at the Founders Club lounges.

How much are Dallas Cowboys club seats?

At Cowboys Stadium, these are called Club Level seats. Any sideline seat that resides on the first three levels between the goal lines falls under this Club Level heading. Club Level is stadium talk for expensive. The PSL’s for these coveted seats range from $16,000 to $50,000.00 .

How much is a suite at Cowboys Stadium?

Dallas Cowboys suite rental prices can range from $10,000-$35,000 depending on suite level, suite location, and event date. The least expensive luxury boxes are typically the Star Suites , whereas the most expensive suites are on the Hall of Fame suite level, with the best suite views to the field.

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How many seats are in the Cowboys Stadium?


Can you bring water bottles into AT&T Stadium?

Bottles , cans or beverage containers of any kind are not allowed into AT&T Stadium . Compact Cameras (still only) are permitted inside AT&T Stadium as long as their use does not interfere with the event or other guests’ enjoyment of the event.

Can you Uber to AT&T Stadium?

Driving with Uber at AT&T Stadium To pick up riders at the stadium , enter the Uber Zone in Blue Lot 15 using the southwest parking entrance—just north of the Slaughter and Web intersection. Signs and traffic managers will be onsite to help direct you to the Uber Zone.

Can you take purses into AT&T Stadium?

In an effort to enhance public safety, AT&T Stadium has modified its security policy by limiting the size and style of bags allowed in the stadium . All purses , bags or containers larger than a small clutch bag . Backpacks. Binocular case – Binoculars may be worn around the neck.

Is it cold in the AT&T Stadium?

No!! AT&T Stadium is made for the fans comfort. Outside will be cold but not inside.

How do I buy Cowboys tickets?

Season Tickets Call (817) 892-4400 for details.

What are the Hall of Fame tickets at AT&T Stadium?

AT&T Stadium Club Seating The 100 level club seats, AKA The Hall of Fame are located along the sidelines. These are the premium seats in Jerry’s World, offering the best sight lines, and include exclusive access to the Lower Level Club Concourse, where you can watch the players take the field.

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Is there a waiting list for Dallas Cowboys season tickets?

There is a waiting list to buy them through the Cowboys , who also offer financing over 29 years at 8 percent. Season tickets range from $700 to $3,600 for 10 games (eight regular season , two preseason).

How Much Does Dallas Cowboys season tickets cost?

The best seats in the house at AT&T Stadium — the first two sections between the end zones on either side of the field — are now $410 for regular- season games, compared to $210 for the same seats for preseason games. Two season tickets in the best sections at AT&T Stadium will cost $7,400.

Are end zone seats good?

End zone lower level These seats are mediocre. If both teams are in your end zone , you’re golden, otherwise, you’re beyond screwed. When your team scores in your end zone , you get a touchdown celebration (think Lambeau Leap) and the best view in the house because you are the closest to the game.

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