Fortnum and mason restaurant

Fortnum and mason restaurant

Can you eat at Fortnum and Mason?

Dine in style with Fortnums , in the heart of Piccadilly and beyond. Serving Afternoon and High Tea, sample our extraordinary selection of teas, our famous fluffy scones and delicious sandwiches and tea cakes.

Is there a dress code for Fortnum and Mason?

We do not enforce a dress code here at Fortnum’s , but in keeping with the relaxed but refined atmosphere of our restaurants, the majority of our guests tend to arrive in ‘smart-casual’ attire .

Is Fortnum and Mason food hall open?

Explore our floors of fantastic things at Fortnum & Mason today. Our Lower Ground, Ground and First Floor Food Halls are still open and ready to serve you. Address.

Monday – Saturday 11am – 7pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

What do you wear to afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason?

Fortnum & Mason’s Afternoon Tea is held in the stunning Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, which was opened by The Queen herself. In fact, when it comes to style, an Afternoon Tea dress code is more smart-casual than formal.

How long is afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason?

Afternoon Tea is served Mon – Sat 11.30am – 7pm (last seating 5.30pm); Sun – 12pm – 6pm (last seating 4.30pm).

Can you wear jeans in Harrods?

ripped jeans , high cut Bermuda or beach shorts, swim wear , athletic singlets, cycling shorts, flip flops or thong sandals, dirty or unkempt clothing.” Furthermore “Any extremes of personal presentation are prohibited as are bare feet and exposed midriffs.” Ironic that Harrods may SELL some of these same fashions.

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What is Fortnum and Mason famous for?

Its headquarters are located at 181 Piccadilly, where it was established in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason . Today, it is privately owned by Wittington Investments Limited. Founded as a grocery store, Fortnum’s reputation was built on supplying quality food, and saw rapid growth throughout the Victorian era.

What smart casual means?

Smart casual is what it sounds like: a style that’s somewhere between formal and casual . It’s what you wear when you can’t wear jeans and a t-shirt, but you’re not in suit territory, either.

Who owns Fortnum Mason?

Wittington Investments

Does Fortnum and Mason sell clothes?

12 Fortnum & Mason sells much more than just food. The store also has beauty products, clothing , accessories, and homeware. They sell everything you need, from a picnic hamper like this to another one full of food and drinks.

How do you get to Fortnum and Mason?

The nearest underground stations are Green Park and Piccadilly Circus. From Green Park, exit the tube station and walk towards Piccadilly Circus. From Piccadilly Circus, exit the tube station and walk towards Green Park.

Do you wear a hat to high tea?

High tea is served at the dinner table, whereas low tea is consumed at a low coffee table near sofas and lounging chairs. The customary attire for men and women attending a tea is semi-formal. Often ladies sport hats , gloves and brightly colored suits and dresses. Black is never appropriate for a tea party.

Can you wear jeans to afternoon tea?

1 – What is the dress code for Afternoon Tea ? Most venues have a relaxed ‘smart casual’ dress code these days, so there is no need for men to wear a jacket and tie (unless otherwise specified) – trousers or smart jeans , collared shirt and clean/un-scuffed shoes are acceptable. No sportswear or trainers (sneakers).

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What is the dress code for afternoon tea?

Afternoon Tea Dress Code Generally, the attire requested for guests to adhere to for afternoon tea is “smart casual ,” which falls somewhere between business casual and casual . This will usually mean no trainers, t-shirts, shorts or sportswear. And gentlemen will typically be asked to wear a collared shirt.

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