Funny bone comedy club & restaurant events

Funny bone comedy club & restaurant events

Who owns the Funny Bone Comedy Club?

The Funny Bone is a comedy club chain in the United States. Its marketing slogan is: “America’s No. 1 Comedy Nite Clubs !” The original Funny Bone Comedy Club opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by co-founders Mitch Kutash and Gerald Kubach in 1982.

Does the funny bone have food?

We have a full service bar and kitchen available at every show! **Choosing the Pre-Show Dinner offers you priority seating in the showroom! You must have reservations in advance to receive the priority seating.

What time does funny bone open?

The box office opens 3 hours before the first show of the evening and closes 30 minutes after the last show of the night starts. You must be 21 or over for all shows, unless specified a special 18 & over show. Call the club if not certain for specific shows.

What does special engagement mean at comedy show?

What is a “ Special Engagement ” show ? Shows listed as a “ Special Engagement ” have restrictions. No coupons, discounts, or free celebratory admissions are permitted. Phone reservations are accepted, but a credit card may be required to hold your seats.

Is there a drink minimum at funny bone?

Comedians come to the Funny Bone from all over the country. On Tuesdays at 7:30 PM, local pros and amateurs take the stage to polish their material in front of a live audience. Admission is $5 with a two- drink minimum . Reservations are strongly encouraged.

How long are funny bone shows?

1 answer. The show we went to was about one and half hours and then they had a short intermission and then about another hour.

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What should I wear to the funny bone?

We do not have a set dress code, but please bear in mind that we are a performance venue, so do not wear anything that will block the view of other patrons. Also, as a comedy club, we take no responsibility if a comedian makes fun of your outfit.

Where is the funny bone in the body?

The ‘ funny bone ‘ refers to the ulnar nerve that runs from the neck to the hand. The nerve is close to the elbow skin, which induces pain when the point is hit. According to a theory, the name is based on the upper arm bone , located between the elbow and the shoulder, which is called ‘humerus’.

Why is humerus called funny bone?

The ” funny bone ” got its nickname because of that funny feeling you get after you hit it. Running down the inside part of your elbow is a nerve called the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve lets your brain know about feelings in your fourth and fifth fingers.

What is special engagement?

” Special engagement ” is a common US usage for the (live) appearance of a singer, musical group, etc. that hadn’t been previously scheduled. It’s not common for the showing of a film, but when so used, it would be understood in the same way.

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