J alexander’s restaurant locations

J alexander’s restaurant locations

How many J Alexander’s restaurants are there?

46 restaurants

How many locations does J Alexanders have?

44 2017 г.

Who owns J Alexander’s Restaurant?

Stoney River Legendary Steaks Fidelity National Financial

How expensive is J Alexander’s?

These prices include $6-$13 appetizers, a wide variety of salads that cost anywhere from about $10-$19, burgers and sandwiches that range from $12-$21, main entrees from about $16-$33, and desserts around $7-$8. Cocktails and drinks average about $10-$12. The restaurant boasts attentive and friendly service.

Does J Alexander have a dress code?

Dress Code : To ensure and enhance the experience of all our guests, we ask that you respect our dress code . We suggest collared shirts and closed toed shoes for gentlemen. Your comfort and happiness is our priority; however, we believe that overly casual attire is not appropriate for dining in our restaurant.

Does J Alexander’s serve bread?

The restaurant does not serve complimentary bread , but they have great appetizers to choose from. For the main entrée, I usually get the Cypress salad or the Maui steak.

Does J Alexanders have a private room?

Yes they do have a private room that can accomodate that number of guests.

Is J Alexander’s open?

Alexander’s . All locations are open for in-restaurant dining and carry out.

Is J Alexander’s owned by Houstons?

Merus Grill will mark the Company’s return to Houston after it closed J . J . Alexander’s Holdings operates 46 restaurants in 16 states, including brands J . Alexander’s , Redlands Grill, Lyndhurst Grill, Overland Park Grill and Stoney River.

Who owns Redlands grill?

Stoney River Legendary Steaks Fidelity National Financial

Is J Alexander’s now Redlands grill?

J . Alexander’s , at 2415 N. Federal Highway since 1995, is rebranding as a Redlands Grill .

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Why did Lyndhurst grill close?

The company’s Lyndhurst Grill is temporarily closed because of traffic limitations unique to the location.

Does J Alexanders have a gluten free menu?

There is no Gluten free menu , nor are gluten free options marked on the menu . However, staff is willing to answer questions about which items can be made gluten free , even asking kitchen staff to be wure, and making kitchen staff aware of the gluten free needs. Most meats and sides are available gluten free .

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