Jack’s fast food restaurant

Jack’s fast food restaurant

Who owns Jack’s Fast Food?

Onex Corporation

Does Jack’s restaurant have an app?

Find a Jack’s restaurant location near you, order all your southern favorites straight through the app , and earn points toward rewards with every order. The Jack’s app also let’s you take advantage of delicious deals—like BOGO Big Jack burgers, free Shakes, double points days, and more!

Is Jack’s only in Alabama?

Jack’s , headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama , originally known as Jack’s Hamburgers, also known as Jack’s Family Restaurants, Inc. is a fast food restaurant chain with locations in Alabama , Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Where was the first Jack’s Restaurant?

Хомвуд, Алабама, США

How much is a Jack’s franchise?

To open a traditional Jack in the Box location, new franchisees must pay an initial franchise fee of $50,000 for every unit they intend to develop, payable when the franchise agreement is signed.

What states have jacks?

Jack’s Fun Fact #3 There are currently 136 Jack’s locations in four states : Alabama , Mississippi , Tennessee , and Georgia .

Does Jack pay Apple?

Short Answer: Jack in the Box accepts Apple Pay at its restaurant locations across the nation. All restaurant locations also accept cash, debit cards, credit cards, and Jack Cash gift cards.

Can you order jacks online?

We love it when you dine with us, but we know sometimes you want to eat at home on your couch. We will still take care of you . Give us a call or order through one of our delivery partners.

Can I use Apple pay at fast food restaurants?

Does your favorite restaurant accept Apple Pay ? Several popular restaurants including Chili’s, Panda Express, and Panera Bread also take Apple Pay . Fast food chains like KFC, Subway, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chick Fil A, and White Castle use Apple pay as well.

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How much do jacks employees get paid?

Jack’s Family Restaurants Salaries

Job Title Salary
Cashier salaries – 11 salaries reported $9/hr
Assistant Manager salaries – 7 salaries reported $12/hr
Cashier salaries – 6 salaries reported $8/hr
Team Member salaries – 6 salaries reported $8/hr

Is Milos only in Alabama?

The first Milo’s Burger Shop opened in 1946 on 12th Avenue in Birmingham. The fast food chain now has 15 locations in Alabama . Founder Milo Carlton spent months perfecting the recipe for his secret sauce, which hasn’t changed since, by asking customers to weigh in on the taste.

How much is Jack’s Chicken?

Jack’s Family Restaurant Menu

Chicken Finger Snack & Fries $4.95 – $5.85
Chicken Finger Boxes $10.99 – $17.99
2Pc Fried Chicken Snack & Biscuit $4.59
Fried Chicken & Biscuit Boxes $12.49 – $17.69
2Pc Fried Chicken Dinner $5.55

Who started jacks?

Jack Caddell

When was Jack’s restaurant founded?

November 21, 1960, Homewood, Alabama, United States

What is Jack in the Box Secret Menu?

Triple Cheeseburger When a double cheeseburger isn’t enough, you order a triple. Many customers call this Jack in the Box Secret Menu burger the 3×3 because it contains three burger patties and three slices of cheese. We suppose you could do the same with a 4×4 if you’re really hungry.

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