Nick stellino restaurant seattle

Nick stellino restaurant seattle

Does Nick Stellino have restaurants?

Cucina Amore. Nick Stellino’s Glorious Italian Cooking. Nick Stellino’s Mediterranean Flavors. Nick Stellino’s Family Kitchen.

How much is Nick Stellino worth?

Nick Stellino Net Worth About $100K-$1M. His main souce of income is as a Chef.

Who is Nick Stellino married to?

Нэнси Стеллино

Where did Nick Stellino play football?

Fans and followers who value Stellino’s Italian roots and his American style may not know that he came to Eureka as a teenager, played on the Loggers football team and graduated in 1976 from Eureka High School.

How old is chef Nick Stellino?

62 years (May 1, 1958)

Is chef Nick Stellino married?

Nanci Stellino

Where was Nick Stellino born?

Palermo, Italy

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