Penn station restaurant menu

Penn station restaurant menu

What is the best sandwich at Penn Station?

Penn Station is a great chain to get a great hot sandwich. The key, at least to me, is the bread and they have simply the best bread outside of the east coast for a hot sandwich. I’ve tried most of them and they are all good. My preferences are the hot Italian, Chicken Teriyaki and the Cheese Steak .

How much is the monthly special at Penn Station?

The sandwich will be available in all Penn Station restaurants this month. It is also the monthly special , meaning customers can get a six-inch Founder’s Choice sandwich, small fresh-cut fries and a drink for approximately $7.99 ( prices vary by location).

What kind of wrap does Penn Station use?

Penn Station East Coast Subs, the fast-casual restaurant known for its grilled, made-to-order sub sandwiches, hand-squeezed lemonade and fresh-cut fries, has added wraps to its menu. Any sandwich can be made into a wrap featuring the brand’s new cheddar jalapeno tortillas.

Does Penn Station do lettuce wraps?

CREATE YOUR OWN WRAP TOPPINGS: Lettuce , Roma tomatoes, red onions, peppers, pickles.

How much is a Philly cheesesteak at Penn Station?

Penn Station Prices

Food Size Price
Philadelphia Cheesesteak 6″ $4.99
Philadelphia Cheesesteak 8″ $6.69
Philadelphia Cheesesteak 10″ $8.29
Philadelphia Cheesesteak 12″ $9.99

Is Jimmy Johns or Subway better?

Subway offers a few $6 footlong options, along with tons of meal deals. Therefore, Jimmy John’s is relatively more expensive than Subway , but still a good deal. At both stores, the sandwiches sometimes end up being too small.

How can I get a free sub from Penn Station?

Have a Penn Station East Coast Subs near you? For a limited time, whenever you download the Penn Station app for iOS or Android and click on the ‘Rewards’ button to register, you will automatically earn a FREE 6″ sub ! To redeem just show the cashier your offer at checkout (under the Rewards tab).

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Why was Penn Station torn down?

It’s hard to believe that Manhattan’s Pennsylvania Station was once a masterpiece of pink granite, marble columns, and arched-glass windows. In 1963, the above-ground portion of the station was demolished to make room for a massive sports arena, Madison Square Garden.

What age does Penn Station hire?

16 years

How big is a small sub at Penn Station?

The Penn Station menu prices are very similar to their submarine sandwiches serving chains. Their prices depend on the size of sub you are getting as you can order from 4” (kids), 6” (lite), 8” ( small ), 10” (medium), and 12” ( large ).

Can you order Penn Station online?

Penn Station East Coast Subs has added online ordering to its app, mobile website and desktop website. With the new online ordering feature, customers can browse the menu, place their orders and pay via the app.

How many carbs are in Penn Station bread?

Nutrition Information – Snack Sub

Bread (Snack) Portion Carbs (g)
Snack 1.61 oz 21

Did Penn Station change their bread?

Penn Station East Coast Subs is updating its 35-year-old brand with the rollout of PS 2020, which includes a restaurant redesign and certain menu changes and additions. Sandwiches can be made on Penn Station’s proprietary French bread or its new multigrain bread .

Does Penn Station have salads?

Cold, Grilled, Wrap or Salad .

Are Penn Station fries vegan?

Yes, our fresh cut fries are cooked in a peanut oil blend (which includes soy).

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