Perkins restaurant and bakery chocolate french silk pie

Perkins restaurant and bakery chocolate french silk pie

What kind of pies does Perkins make?

WHOLE PIES HEATH® CRUNCH CHEESECAKE PIE. 720 cal/slice. Chocolate French Silk. 760 cal/slice. COCONUT CREAM. 640 cal/slice. WILDBERRY. 470 cal/slice. LEMON MERINGUE. 500 cal/slice. BANANA CREAM. 700 cal/slice. PEANUT BUTTER SILK . 930 cal/slice. HOMESTYLE APPLE. 570 cal/slice.

How much is French silk pie at Perkins?

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Menu

Apple Lattice $2.69 – $8.99
Caramel Apple $2.69 – $8.99
Cherry Lattice $2.69 – $8.99
Chocolate French Silk $2.99 – $9.99
Coconut Cream $2.69 – $8.99

How much does a whole pie cost at Perkins?

Perkins Restaurant Prices

Item Price
Whole Pies
Banana Cream Pie $12.58
Caramel Apple Pie $11.78
Peanut Butter Silk Pie $13.07

Does Perkins sell whole pies?

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery – Whole Pies .

Does Perkins make their own pies?

No, the pies come in frozen and are then baked or topped.

Does Perkins offer a senior discount?

Seniors Discount . Perkins offers a special menu and discounted prices for both lunch and dinner to senior citizens. Perkins defines a ” senior ” as a person age 55 or older.

Can you freeze Perkins French silk pie?

Yes, you can freeze my French Silk Pie ! If you want to freeze the whole pie and thaw the entire thing later, place it in the freezer for a few hours. Then remove it and wrap the frozen pie in plastic wrap.

How expensive is Perkins?

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Menu Prices

Food Price
Tremendous Twelve $9.79
Country Fried Steak & Eggs $11.49
Steak Medallions & Eggs $12.29
Wrappin’ Granny $10.29
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Where can I buy French silk pie?

Member’s Mark 10″ French Silk Pie (36 oz.) – Sam’s Club.

What is Perkins 55 plus?

Fifty-Five Plus All Day Breakfast Two slices of thick-cut brioche bread dipped in our signature batter, grilled and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Served with two Applewood smoked bacon strips or two sausage links. Three potato pancakes served with applesauce and two Applewood smoked bacon strips.

How long does Perkins pie last?

about 2 days

Are Perkins pies good?

We absolutely love Perkins . The food is great an very reasonable with a great choice of items. They do the best Pies ever. Their No Added Sugar Wildberry Pie and Lemon Meringue are always top of our list to eat.

How much is Perkins burger fries and pie special?

Well, meet Perkins new Burger , Fries and Pie combo. You get to choose any of Perkins ‘ big specialty burgers , crispy fries and a slice of famous Perkins pie for only $9.99. It’s a classic deal -plus-dessert!

Does Perkins have mac and cheese?

Perkins Restaurant And Bakery Macaroni and Cheese (five cheese ) Side.

Does Perkins have cinnamon rolls?

OMG!” Review of Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. We had cinnamon rolls every day we were there; breakfast and dessert!

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