Peter luger restaurant brooklyn

Peter luger restaurant brooklyn

How much is a steak dinner at Peter Luger?

Peter Luger is an upscale steakhouse with two locations in New York, both known for their rustic ambiance. The one in Great Neck was named Best Steakhouse by Zagat. After Peter Luger’s death, his restaurants fell into disarray. Peter Luger Menu Prices.

Item Price
Main Courses (Dinner)
Single steak $51.95
Rib Steak $54.95
Steak (for 2) $103.90

Is Peter Luger still cash only?

If you want to dine at one of the two Peter Luger Steak Houses in Brooklyn or on Long Island, don’t bring a credit card. They’re not accepted. Only cash , the Peter Luger house account, a debit card or a check pays for the meal. Refusing to accept most credit cards hasn’t stopped the crowds from flocking there.

How do I get a reservation at Peter Luger?

For lunch reservations , our famous Luger Burger is available daily until 3:45pm For any questions or confirmations concerning your reservation or upcoming visit to Peter Luger Steakhouse please call to the restaurant directly at (718) 387-7400 and we will do our best to assist.

Is there parking at Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn?

Just diagonally across the street, it’s free for customers. There is frequently parking on the street within 1 block.

Is there a dress code at Peter Luger?

There isn’t really any ” dress code “. There are people in formal attire as well as super casual.

How many ounces is Peter Luger Steak for two?

36-38 oz

Who owns Peter Luger?

Peter Luger Steak House
Established 1887
Owner(s) Amy Rubenstein Marilyn Spiera
Previous owner(s) Peter Luger Frederick Luger Sol Forman
Food type Steakhouse
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Does Peter Luger have a Michelin star?

m One MICHELIN Star : High quality cooking, worth a stop!

What should I order at Peter Luger?

Food Rundown Extra Thick Bacon . This is less like traditional bacon , and more like when your uncle got his hands on an electric knife at Christmas and cut the ham into inch-thick slabs. Sides. At Peter Luger, fries and onion rings are your palate cleansers. Burger. Porterhouse Steak. Rib-Eye Steak. Lamb Chops. Holy Cow.

How thick is Peter Luger bacon?

⅜ inch

Do I need reservations for Peter Luger?

Online reservations are now available. We will continue to make limited menu and butcher shop items available for pickup and delivery from both our Brooklyn and Great Neck locations. To order pickup from our Great Neck restaurant, please give us a call at (516) 487-8800 or follow the link below.

How does Peter Luger cook steak?

Steaks at Peter Luger are cooked on the broiler, where they are seasoned only with salt and clarified butter. “We believe in, as my great-grandfather would say, simple goodness,” Berson told Insider in February.

How much is the porterhouse at Peter Luger’s?

Peter Luger Steak House Porterhouse; rib steak; wedge salad; hot fudge sundae; cheesecake. Appetizers, $6.95 to $29.95; main courses, $16.95 to $65.95.

How do you pay at Peter Luger?

Accepted forms of payment are the Peter Luger Card, US checks with ID, and US debit cards. Credit cards payments are only accepted for online ordering.

Who is Peter Luger?

Peter Luger (January 22, 1866 – January 21, 1941) was a German chef and restaurateur, who founded Peter Luger Steak House in 1887.

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