Restaurant story tips and tricks

Restaurant story tips and tricks

How do you get money fast in restaurant story?

One way to make more money is to cook the food as quickly as possible so that your restaurant can serve as many customers as possible. Sonic Oven. Obtaining the sonic oven in Restaurant Story is one of the simplest ways to cooking your food faster . Leveling Up. Settings. Appliance Choice.

How do you unlock food goal in restaurant story?

You must complete the part of the goal that unlocks the item, however, TL has past goal prizes in the storage and store, past goals are goals that you can no longer do, therefor the time limit has run out for those goals . :{D Hope this helps!

How do you get blueprints in Restaurant Story 2?

The main way to get Blueprints is by completing Chillout Events. The number of Blueprints you will receive increases according to the Chillout Event difficulty. The kind of Blueprints you receive is linked to your restaurant’s Star level.

How do you start over on restaurant story?

” Restaurant Story ” doesn’t have a ” start over ” option, so if you want a more permanent closure you need to delete your account and start over with a new one when you want to play the game again .

How many appliances can you have in bakery story?

two appliances

How do you move the door in restaurant story?

How do I move the door ? There must always be a door placed in your restaurant , so to move it you need to buy another door for 10 gems in the Wall Decorations tab. Then place it wherever you want to and store the other door .

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How do you unlock the goal oven in bakery story?

usually you start by buying something like floor tiles & wallpaper, which unlocks a new oven . progressive goals ask you to cook the dishes on that oven , buy some more decor, sometimes visit community players or request items from your neighbors, and cook a certain number of dishes on a second oven .

How do I restart my cafe Game?

To restart a new game , reinstall application from the store. When the game will give you an option to restore your cafe , press “Stick with this cafe “. If this method doesn’t work for you, please make sure that you have an active Google Play account. You can check it in your Play Games application.

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