Silver dollar city restaurant prices

Silver dollar city restaurant prices

What are the prices for Silver Dollar City?

Single-day tickets at the gate or online are $72 for adults and $62 for children. However, A two-day ticket is available for just a bit more — $92 for adults and $82 for children.

Is there beer at Silver Dollar City?

Yes. You are welcome to bring snacks, beverages and even small coolers with you into Silver Dollar City . We just ask that you exclude any glass containers or alcoholic beverages. Rides & attractions are just part of what the Silver Dollar City experience has to offer.

Does Price Cutter Sell Silver Dollar City tickets?

Customer service is 800-888-7277. Visit select Price Cutter , Country Mart, Ramey, Smitty’s, Summer Fresh and Bistro Market locations in Missouri and purchase a one-day ticket to Silver Dollar City for just $35 plus tax (adult or child).

Is parking free at Silver Dollar City?

As always, the majority of parking at Silver Dollar City is FREE ! And to make your trip to the front gate even better, we have trams and buses to shuttle you from the parking lot to the ticket courtyard. Preferred Parking is only $15 (per day). Season Pass Preferred Parking is $10 (per day).

Does AAA offer discount tickets to Silver Dollar City?

Save on Silver Dollar City tickets through our partner site AAA Tickets and print your tickets on demand.

Can you take a backpack into Silver Dollar City?

1. You are welcome to bring a backpack into the park. Lockers are located throughout the park, and there are specified areas at each ride where bags and other loose items can be left while you ride. Snacks and beverages are also allowed.

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Does Silver Dollar City sell alcohol?

5 answers. Hello CruiseLady789, No alcohol is served or permitted on the park’s premises.

Can you bring your own stroller to Silver Dollar City?

9) Bring Your Own Stroller Renting one at Silver Dollar City is $15+ tax for a single stroller and $20+ tax for a double stroller . You and your child will be more comfortable using their own anyway, so why spend the extra money?

How do I get a refund from Silver Dollar City?

Silver Dollar City & White Water A Group Reservation may be cancelled at any time. Refunds will be paid in the form of original payment within 15 business days of ticket return.

Does Silver Dollar City have a senior discount?

Senior Rate/ Discount starts for anyone who turns 65 any time during 2019 season or for those 65 and older.

What age gets in free at Silver Dollar City?

You just have to know your age ! Children turning 4 anytime during 2021 will need a pass. All children turning 12 before July 1 will need a pass for those ages 12-64. Those turning 65 anytime during 2021 will qualify for an ages 65+ pass.

Do teachers get in free at Silver Dollar City?

Teachers and school staff members must be present and attending Silver Dollar City for dependents and/or guests to receive discounted admission. Not valid with any other offer or discount or on previously purchased tickets. Copyright 2020 Nexstar Inc.

Does Dolly Parton own Silver Dollar City in Branson?

In 1986, Dolly Parton , who grew up in the area, bought an interest in Silver Dollar City . As part of the deal, the park reopened for the 1986 season as “Dollywood.”

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How much are the refillable cups at Silver Dollar City?

If you have a cup that was purchased before 2012 (I think) you can still get refill price , which is $1.75 by the time tax is figured in. Cups that are newer have a date on them and are only good for that year.

What are the busiest days at Silver Dollar City?

Wednesdays and Thursdays are The Best Times to Visit!

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