Storm8 id restaurant story

Storm8 id restaurant story

How do I change my storm8 ID on restaurant story?

You can’t change your Storm8 ID independently, though Support can help you out!

How do I find my storm8 ID?

The same way you created your original Storm8 ID if you did in the past. Install the game app on the device you will be using. Select MENU or Settings > Help/FAQ. Find the How to Access the Forums section. Select the ID section.

How do I log into my storm8 ID?

Open the game, tap the blue ‘S’ icon in the top-right corner to access Account Settings. Select ‘ Log in to Another Account ‘, enter your ID and password you created/noted down, and confirm your login . You will now have access to your local progress. Force close (restart) your app to see your progress in each game.

How do I transfer my restaurant story to my new phone?

New Login feature in Restaurant Story ! On your main account on your OLD device , create a password in the Help/FAQ within any game. Download and install Restaurant Story 1.6. Look for Account Settings on the NEW device or device you want to use in the Storm8 menu or the Social tab. Login with your Storm8 ID and password and… Frequently Asked Question:

How do you restart restaurant story?

” Restaurant Story ” doesn’t have a ” start over” option, so if you want a more permanent closure you need to delete your account and start over with a new one when you want to play the game again.

How do I transfer my fashion story account?

Now that you find account settings and tab on it. You will see a botton to log in. Tap on ” Log in to Another Account ”. From there you will be seeing a page asking for your Storm8 ID and password.

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How do I transfer Farm Story 2 to another device?

Transfer your games You can use the Login feature to transfer your Storm8 ID and all Storm8 games over to your new device . Since Farm Story 2 does not have the login feature, you will need to use any game, except Restaurant Story 1, listed on Post 1 of the Login Feature thread instead.

How do I contact storm8?

Jobs. [email protected] storm8 .com. User Support. [email protected] storm8 .com. Marketing/Advertising. [email protected] storm8 .com. Public Relations. [email protected] storm8 .com. Business Development. [email protected] storm8 .com. Storm8 Publishing. [email protected] storm8 .com. Our Address . 901 Mariners Island Blvd. Suite 300. San Mateo, CA 94404.

How do I transfer my jewel mania to my new phone?

you will need to login by using either bakery story or restaurant story ( original games). Once you login into your storm id, it will move all the games over including your jewel mania game.

How do you get neighbors on Bakery Story?

Neighbors can be added if you know their Storm8 IDs. Storm8 IDs are separate from the resturant names that players can view publicly. As such, it is easier to add a neighbor if he/she tells you his/her Storm8 ID. You may request neighbors and exchange Storm8 IDs by commenting here.

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