Us steel tower restaurant

Us steel tower restaurant

Who owns the US Steel Tower?

The U.S. Steel Tower, also known as the Steel Building , or USX Tower (1988-2001), is a 64-story skyscraper at 600 Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

U.S. Steel Tower
Owner The 601W Companies
Management Winthrop Management
Roof 256.34 m (841.0 ft)

Can you go to the top of the US Steel Building?

The couple noted that other than those on Mt. Washington, there are no observation decks at the height of the tower’s roof . The last time the general public had access to the view from the Steel Tower was in 2001, when the Top of the Triangle restaurant closed. That space is now offices for UPMC.

How many floors does the US Steel building have?


How tall is the US Steel Tower?

256 ΠΌ

Why is the UPMC sign pink?

It’s a reminder of the importance of mammograms and early detection as well as a way to honor breast cancer victims and survivors.

When was the US steel building built?

March 15, 1967

What is the tallest building in downtown Pittsburgh?

U.S. Steel Tower

What is steel tower?

A transmission tower or power tower (alternatively electricity pylon or variations) is a tall structure, usually a steel lattice tower , used to support an overhead power line. Transmission towers and their overhead power lines are often considered to be a form of visual pollution.

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